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‘Forever amongst the flowers’

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

Danielle, Founder of Fern Rd Floral Design tells her story.

I think there is something truly magnificent about flowers. From the moment they are planted to the way they grow. How some crave the sunlight and others need the rain. How you can cut them and still enjoy their beauty, as they open up to smile at you. Some very lucky ones dry out beautifully and you can keep their preciousness forever.

There’s probably only a handful of people who do what I do. That’s why I’ve been dubbed the Wall Art Queen! I create beautiful, radiant, abstract floral masterpieces that light up bedrooms and home spaces.

At the moment I’m feeling so much gratitude for how fast my florist business is taking off. I’m getting dozens of new custom orders each week. It’s a pretty magical feeling to gift people the joy of nature and connection.

For me, my work equates to love. It’s a pleasure each day to do what I do, creating unique fresh and dried floral creations that light people up and inspire the purest sense of happiness.

The Fern Rd story...

I grew up on Fern Rd. My childhood was spent frolicking on an acreage of flowers, palms, ferns, birds and greenery all around me. I was surrounded by manicured lawns, gardens and tranquil bushland. Plants and nature were my life, and so were the beautiful women in my life. That’s why I wanted to call my business Fern Rd – a place full of heart and connection.

My parents were the best kind of hippies and we lived the most simple life. There wasn’t much money but there was a whole lot of love. Relationships, connections and creativity were at the core of our lives. I have memories of my mum making potpourri. She would embroider cushions and collect crystals – always nurturing her creative side.

My grandparents lived next door to us at Fern Rd. Their post-war lives contrasted ours, as many of that generation do. Any immaculate things they owned, they had worked very hard for. They taught me a lot about the fruits of labour from a young age, showing me how to pack away the silverware, make your bed, clean up after yourself, save money, and for the love of God, always ask to leave the table. But there was a sweetness to them, too. Nan loved her roses, and curated a precious sitting garden surrounded by blooms, ferns and everlasting beauty. I have fond memories of sipping tea with her and Mum in this garden. Three wise, strong women talking about life while surrounded by Mother Nature. My mother passed away suddenly from cancer when I was 16. My whole world changed. And so did everyone else’s on Fern Rd. I had to look after my brother, my dad, and clean and cook. I would go to my nan for advice, like how to make things for dinner. She became a mother to me, a guardian angel like no other.

After the passing of my nan last year, I felt the whisper of my mum in my heart, guiding me, nudging me. Only after this time of sadness did I realise my true potential was with flowers.

I started to gather raw materials, seeing their beauty and potential. I researched, studied, listened to podcasts and immersed in information. Soon I was making beautiful things that fully transcended my pain, and brought happiness to people’s lives. Just like a flower, I believe I have many layers, many hues, many scents, many lives. As I get older, I am more guided by my soul. I connect with people on a deep level. And to deliver flowers to make people happy, makes me light up with joy. I honour and thank my mother, nan, and Fern Rd, for embedding this gift within me.

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Venita Sharma
Venita Sharma
Jun 09, 2022

What an inspiration you are and to have truly found what's in your soul at your young age is certainly a gift that sometimes not even mastered as one ages. Will show my daughter your blog when I get home xo


How lovely to read about your background and your immersion into the floral world. Truly inspirational……just like you!

Your creations are exotic and classy, and it’s obvious it’s a natural and glorious gift you’ve been blessed with. Your Mum and Nan will be extremely proud of the wonderful person you’ve become and the success you’re making of Fern Rd Floral Design. Congratulations!


That's so beautiful Daniele, I love what you're doing. You're so happy doing what you love that it shows in your creativity.

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